Business Advice

Welcome to Bubul

Welcome to BuBul. It will ask you questions to work out what advice you need and then give you that advice from a panel of carefully selected independent subject matter experts. The experts have not paid to be on BuBul and all will give you an extra 30 minutes advice at no cost. You are free to take or ignore their advice. If you decide you want to work with them, they will charge you their normal commercial rates and BuBul does not receive any commission. We're all about making sure you get all the help you need rather than making as much money as possible out of you! As you answer the questions, we will be collecting some data about you. This is to help us improve BuBul and will never be sold to anyone for marketing purposes. We may make it available on an anonymous basis to research organisations such as Universities who want to use the data to produce papers about the challenges that small businesses face so we can try and influence change!